Why Hiring The Perfect DJ Is Important, But Usually Overlooked

When organizing and solidifying your big day, it can be extremely stressful. Booking a venue, photographer, caterer, choosing the perfect dress, finishing your guest list, tasting all the cakes and even still, you have to work on your vows! You’re a talent agent and an event specialist all mashed into one! It’s less stressful if you plan in advance; take your time, one department at a time. But maybe you’re asking yourself, where do I begin?

Usually after the date and venue have been chosen, everything else just seems to fall into place. But while everything is important in their own unique way, it is a proven fact, that DJ Entertainment is overlooked and pushed to the back burner without much thought to how that can affect your big day. Big mistake.

Many couples who begin their journey for the perfect dream team of wedding vendors, usually find themselves booking a DJ last. After it’s all said and done, and the “I Do’s” have been exchanged, quite a few of them say they would go back and think a little bit more about who they selected to make the party a success (or not). Why is it though, people forget to put the same kind of thought and research into their DJ entertainment, as they do the photographer and caterer? It’s simple; it’s hard to find the right DJ.

If you think about it, the DJ has to have a personality, the gear to make any venue into a small club, and more importantly, knowledge of all the music and what you and your guests want to hear. Easy? No!

Impossible? NO! Why would you trust you’re big day to just anyone?

Many times myself, I have attended a wedding where the DJ had horrible sounding speakers, with no back-ups, didn’t play any requests, and was beyond awkward on the mic for announcements. How can this happen? This one person can single handedly affect your wedding day and that could have been avoided.

If you’re now starting to fill out your roster for the big event, each area should deserve extensive research and thought. But as a DJ, I can’t stress enough – don’t take that department lightly. We all know weddings are expensive, and everyone has a different budget, and that’s completely fine. But many times, people don’t budget correctly, and find themselves with not much left for the one thing most couples usually put on the back burner, the DJ. Then now, you’re making a decision on DJ entertainment not on quality and experience, but price alone. That can be dangerous and shortsighted.

The biggest thing I can encourage you to do, is to figure out your budget, and prioritize. I’m not here to sway you into paying more for a DJ, I just want to inform you, that sometimes you get what you pay for. I have never met someone that said, “Oh wow, that chicken marsala I had at your wedding 10 years ago was amazing!” BUT I have heard, “Wow, that was a great time, everybody was on the dance floor all night – that was a great time!” Trust me, you will hear that more when you put the thought and research into your DJ entertainment.

When the day has come and gone, the cake and chicken marsala have been consumed, the tuxes returned, and the photos and video are all tucked away safely, the mental memories will last forever.  Here at ProVolve, we want you to be able to say that everything about your day was perfect – including the DJ!
– Declan

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