Gallagher Wedding, Riverdale Manor

Hey everyone! Mike here, recapping y’all on what was a fantastic, beautiful, and otherwise lovely day with the Gallaghers last Friday (10/9) at Riverdale Manor.

Riverdale’s one of our favorite places to work, and for good reason; they run a tight ship, get the job done, and they do it with finesse and style. Finesse and style, by the way, is a great way to describe Jennifer and Tim – one of our all time favorite couples to work with. Let’s get into the how and why of why we say that.

We first met Tim and Jennifer months and months ago, as we do with most couples. But we really hit it off. We found them because we try to seek out couples that went to Millersville, our alma mater. They were definitely picking up what we were putting down, as a company. A lot of couples are surprised to find out that we don’t charge package pricing – just a flat, easy-to-understand rate – and that simplicity was something that Jenn and Tim definitely appreciated. I had a blast talking with them about what they were going for on their big day, from a style standpoint.

Jenn and Tim wanted a Country-inspired cocktail hour but a Timeless, classic Dinnertimes. We had fun working with them to create their playlists and they worked extremely well in the moment. When it came to dancing times – they said that as long as we didn’t play the super-cliche stuff, we were fine. We don’t typically play songs like that anyway, so we were on the same page.

As we got closer to the time. it became apparent that the weather was not going to cooperate – but that was okay – Jenn and Tim were laid back, flexible, and Riverdale always has a rain plan. They held the ceremony in the pavilion right next to the main building. It was a beautiful ceremony.



There were a couple great speeches, an awesome dinner, and then things opened up into dancing. They had a photobooth outside the main building, in the same pavilion where they were wed, and we found that there were a lot of people congregating out there instead of dancing. So what did we do? Did we play to an empty room? Ask the guests to come back in?

IMG_0964 IMG_0338 IMG_0342

No. That’s not the ProVolve Way.

We meet couples, parties, and people where they’re at, and make things better. We relocated our efforts outside, created an awesome party out there, and it was unforgettably cool. Afterwards, we were thanked by no less than 15 people for bringing the party outside – they wanted to experience the photo booth, but they wanted to dance, too. We were flexible, ready to adapt. The dance time was awesome, we had a blast partying with them, talking to them afterwards, and we both at one point or another said that they were the kind of couple that we could see inviting to one of our family’s events – and those are the kinds of couples that we relish working with.

Jenn and Tim represent everything that we love in a couple – obviously in love, funny, flexible, and ready to have a great time with great people. We know for a fact they’re going to have an awesome life together just by watching the way they approached the planning process for just one day in their lives. Albeit an important day, sure. We wish them the best, and hope to run into them soon at another awesome wedding!


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