Gryphon Wedding, Harvest View Barn

Hey everyone! Last weekend we had the pleasure of helping Amanda and Zach become the Gryphons! We had an awesome time at their wedding, but more than that, we had an awesome time working with them developing the story, aesthetic, and vibe of their big day. Let’s dig in!

Amanda and Zach live in Brooklyn, so we did Google Hangouts, Spotify’d it up, and busted out all the remote-work tricks that we’ve picked up over the years that make it easier than ever to work with who you want to work with – and where! We loved their vibe on the first few calls and when we got to talking about music we knew that they had picked the right company to work with.









They picked the Harvest View Barn as their venue – it’s part of the Hershey network of businesses, which is neat. Although it was a little windy, the ceremony was gorgeous and there were a lot of awesome moments including the ring bearers driving up in a power wheels car, and a three-piece musical group that sang a song just for Amanda and Zach.

Cocktail hour was fancy, upscale, but also preserved a really laid back, friendly feel. Amanda nailed all the details that added up to a Cocktail hour (and then dinner) that perfectly captured their sophistication, but also how easy they are to be around.


Their food was some of the best barbeque we’ve had in a long time! They had a custom dance for their first dance, they had a lot of bridal party involvement, it was just a blast! The one thing that I told them in my debrief email to them was that it was completely apparent how much everyone in the room loved them – there was an undeniable love and energy in the room that we just loved soaking up.

This was the first time that we’d worked at Harvest View Barn, and we were really impressed! There no shortage of barns in Lancaster County that are doing weddings, and they all do a great job – HVB had plenty of room, a beautiful backdrop – quite a capable venue on par with any of the others that we’ve loved working at over the past five years.

As far as the music goes, Zach and Amanda had a big hand in the music – in fact, they basically knew exactly what they wanted for Cocktail and Dinner and Dancing, and it was such a good time. They knew their friends, family, and what kind of atmosphere would work for their loved ones. It’s always fun working with couples that are self-assured of their style, musical tastes, etc. This wedding went off without a hitch, and I’m sure that their marriage is going to be just as fun as their wedding!


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